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Model AHEC Generation Link Search Your Heart Project Think About It
Color My Plate ECHO Tobacco Prevention  

Model AHEC           

PROGRAM GOAL: To improve supply and distribution of health care professionals, with an emphasis on primary care in urban and rural West Tennessee, by increasing the provision of culturally appropriate, quality health care and decreasing disparities among disadvantaged and underserved populations.

TARGET POPULATION:  Health professionals; Students; Faculty; Consumers

FUNDING SOURCE:  Department of Health & Human Services
via Meharry Medical College

CONTACT:  Shirley Kee at 901-465-6183,

Cultural Competency Brochure

Health Careers Training Brochure


Students in career development programs 

Breast Health        

PROGRAM GOAL:  To provide innovative breast cancer education, mammograms and
follow-up diagnostic screening, referrals and support services.

TARGET POPULATION:  Medically uninsured and underserved females aged 35-69
in Fayette and Shelby Counties.

FUNDING SOURCE:  Susan G. Komen for the Cure Breast Cancer Foundation
Memphis MidSouth Affiliate

CONTACT:  Karen Lockridge at 901-465-6183;

Go Pink Go Pink  -  Breast Health 

Search Your Heart    

PROGRAM GOAL:  To provide heart disease, stroke and diabetes education, promote health screenings and encourage healthy lifestyle changes.

TARGET POPULATION:  Youth (ages 8 and above) and adults in African American churches

FUNDING SOURCE: Tennessee Department of Health

CONTACT:  Sadie Watkins at 901-465-6183; 

 Walking Club  Search Your Heart - To provide heart disease, stroke and diabetes education.

Project: Think About It         

PROGRAM GOAL:  To provide education and awareness on the effects of alcohol and drug consumption on driving and its impact on risky behaviors.

TARGET POPULATION:  Youth ages 12-17 in Fayette County

FUNDING SOURCE:  Tennessee Commission on Children and Youth

CONTACT:  Shirley Kee at 901-465-6183 or 901-465-9838;

Think About It

Group Project Think About It 

  Color My Plate       

PROGRAM GOAL:  To provide nutrition education focusing on establishing healthy eating habits including consuming more fruits and vegetables to promote good health and reduce the likelihood of developing chronic diseases. 

TARGET POPULATION:  Youth ages 9-12

FUNDING SOURCE:  University of Tennessee at Memphis.

CONTACT:  Shirley Kee at 901-465-6183;



Project Empowering Choices for Health Opportunities  (ECHO)   

PROGRAM GOAL:  To provide mentoring services and promote positive self-image and self-esteem through education and family/community involvement.

TARGET POPULATION:  African American males aged 9-14

FUNDING SOURCE:  Tennessee Department of Health. 

CONTACT:  Shirley Kee at 901-465-6183;


 Tobacco Prevention
Peer-to-Peer Training 

PROGRAM GOAL:  To provide innovative tobacco prevention education on the harmful effects of tobacco/tobacco products and tobacco advertisement.

TARGET POPULATION:  Youth aged 10-18

FUNDING SOURCE:  Tennessee Department of Health

CONTACT:  Shirley Kee at 901-465-6183;




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